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Gillece thanks you for your comments. We appreciate all feedback because we want our customers to have an outstanding experience and will do what it takes to improve in the future. Gillece has been serving Pittsburgh homeowners for the past 30 years. We are proud of the fact that we provide flexible scheduling seven days a week and 365 days a year. Each member of our team plays an important part of your experience which is why we make sure our Customer Care Representative and Technicians are courteous and professional by providing the best all-around service to you and your home. In order to have your issue listened to first hand and be provided with timely, quality service, we want you to contact the Gillece Customer Service team which was ranked #1 in the industry. Call us at 412-831-6199.

Called Gillece on 8/22/12 for a leaking kitchen faucet due to a bad washer and my upstairs toilet kept running, a minor issue because we just needed a new flapper as the old one had started to fall apart. I was scheduled between 12-4 for the same day but the plumber never arrived during that time.

I called around 3pm to see what was going on when I was told by a gentleman that the plumber was running behind and would be there this evening after 4pm. Around 7pm I got a call saying the plumber was on his way and he did arrive around 7:40 or so that evening. The plumber barely spent fifteen minutes looking at my faucet and toilet before he said that I needed to replace the entire faucet and the whole toilet! Where he got that assumption from I'll never know for sure.

His estimate? $5200! That is not a typo...five THOUSAND two hundred dollars and I am rounding down because it was even a little more than that. I literally laughed in his face and told him to get the h*ll out of my house!

I had to pay $65 just to learn of their scam but it doesn't end there. A few days later I saw a commercial advertising $39 to come to your house to check a plumbing problem. I called and asked why I was charged $65 instead of $39 and where in the world they get their repair prices from and how in the heck the plumber thought I needed a whole new toilet and faucet? The lady on the phone said the $39 is only if you ASK for it on the phone when making your appointment which just seems like a scam in itself right there.

The rest she didn't have an answer for but said she'd take my information and forward it along to someone and I'd get a return call. I never got a return call and I called twice after that and I got the same story. Lesson learned, Gillece Services in Bridgeville is a scam company who doesn't care about their customers. Their customer service is absolutely terrible, the girls on the phone are unhelpful and rude and the company is just all around BAD.

After my experience I found numerous complaints about this company, too bad I found them just a little too late or else I would have never called them. I hope my story can help someone out there because if you are thinking about or already called Gillece, think twice! I have told many people about what I went through and some even had their own horror stories to share or knew someone who had a bad experience, I haven't heard not one good thing about Gillece.

Oh and I called another plumber who came out and fixed the washer and the flapper and the total bill was just over $150 including his trip fee which was no where close to $65. Take my advise and DON'T call Gillece!

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #601916

This is a notice that court proceedings have been initiated in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas under case number GD13-001390. As a result, plaintiff seeks to learn this author’s identity. This notice also is intended to notify the author that he/she can appear in the lawsuit filed in the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas under case number GD13-001390 and defend the case if necessary.

to Vorys Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #649190

the truth is always a defense. i saw in your complaint you didn't even quote the whole story, just a snippet of this complaint.

i bet the judge would LOVE to hear this complaint in it's entirety.

but i bet you wouldn't.... :)

to tsk tsk Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #662251

Why would you only includ a sentence or two of the entire complaint, gillece? Because the whole complaint tells the whole story and the whole story sure paints you in a negative light!

Isn't it illegal to submit fake information on a court document? Because I think the "information " you submitted was false because it doesn't include the complaint in its entirety! I'm sure once the judge reads every complaint, the WHOLE complaints and not just snippets, sees the news stories, AG complaints and're done for.



Forgot one more saying, The man hanging out the back door will rob you like a little ***!!!


you must remember the Gillece saying. Get fleeced by Gillece, See Gillece call the police. The man hanging out the van is always running a scam!!!!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #579239

and now gillece is posting all over this website about how great their customer service is and they're posting comments on other complaints telling people to call in so gillece can take care of their problems. this is what happens when you *do* end up calling gillece - you get some runaround or bs story and nothing ever comes of it.

hey gillece, where was your "amazing customer care" when this customer called in? that's what i thought.




Do you honestly think Tom cares what you think? If he did, he'd be taking you out to lunch with Joe and Tom Jr.


Lets face it, he is home free. The AG's office would have done something by now.

to Re Re-TG #803669

haaa the AG, haa they suck and have no power, they cant fight their way out of a wet paper bag. The AG is their just to make you feel good.

You paid it, your stuck with it. The AG is a joke, their just good at chasing cruise liners


If Lindsey has a new set of bo*bs I effin want to see them!


Of COURSE the rules don't apply to Lindsey! She can flaunt around in low cut shirts and dresses with her new b*ob job that daddy bought for her and she can date John but everyone else has to sign an agreement saying that they can't ever ever ever date an employee or else they're FIRED.

And if another female employee so much as wears a skirt higher than knee length they're sent home and written up! That place is a joke.

Fire the employees who work their *** off for chump change and Tom sits back and wonders why his employees go behind his back like this. If you have rules in place they should apply to EVERYBODY, TOM.


It's funny they have a dress code but it does not apply to his daughter and neither does the dating policy as she dates one of the managers it is a horrible working environment as they are paranoid about everything this family has screwed so many decent people they fear having it done to them and now they have jrs brother in law dressing up like a parrot and dancing its really a joke mean while they cut other people's hours and elibs of the employees who actually work.


Parrotboy is living in some fantasy land. I was interviewed by the AG's office almost 2 years ago.

Nothing is going to happen.

They are like just any other government agency. We pay them to do absolutely nothing but go through the motions.


This company will be brought up by the attorney general they have a lot of former employees who are talking to authorities and telling all it is a matter of time but it is coming.


Why hasnt the government done anything about them? You hear stories about companies getting investigated and shut down all of the time, so why hasnt it happened to these low life's yet?


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