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Gillece thanks you for your comments. We want you to have an outstanding experience and will do what it takes to continue to improve in the future. Our company was built on trust, ambition and compassion and we have been proud to serve Pittsburgh homeowners the past 30 years! We want your experience with us to be stress-free which is why we offer up-front, no-hassle prices and friendly financing options. In order to have your issue listened to first hand and be provided with timely, quality service, please contact the #1 ranked in the industry customer service team at 412-831-6199.

First, if you haven't already done so, file a complaint with the Attorney Generals office. The website is . File out the form, follow the instructions, write a detailed letter with any copies of contracts, etc.

When we first complained, I got a call from Jennifer Kelly who was working the case. She a consumer affairs agent (Her direct line is 412-565-7653). This was about a year ago and haven't heard anything since. BUT - I just got a call this morning almost a year later from her. She said that they have a list of cases that Gillece wanted to make offers on to settle them. The idea being that if they pay up on some of the complaints, and the Attorney General goes after them in a civil case, you would not be elgible to recieve additional funds they successfully sue them. We accepted the offer ( its wasn't much) and they are sending a release. If they call you, its up to you.

What does this mean for all of us that got screwed???

1) Gillece is taking notice of the massive amount of complaints at the Attorney Generals. Thats why its important to send your formal complaints to them after you've done posting on here.

2) Gillece is actually paying out, which means they are betting there might actually be a chance of acivil case against them.

3) There is a new attorney general taking office soon. They are likely to review everything and this might hit the radar having a fresh look at current cases.

4)The best part....Hope is not lost people! Jennifer Kelly has personally confirmed that the case is still open and they are still collecting complaints so keep them coming.

Jennifer Kelly said they need permission to go after the Gillece scammers in Harrisburg first. I kindly said that if they put a civil case against these guys it would make a ton of people happy and wished her good luck.

Monetary Loss: $950.

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I dealt with Gillece a few years ago and learned in the middle of the project that I had been hit for thousands more than I should have paid.And it appears that the odd way they started the project had to do with locking me into the contract I just signed.

I also called the state attorney's office. The individual who answered said that they had a file full of complaints on Gillece. I was hoping that they would eventually take action againt them in the form of a class action lawsuit. I was directed to the BBB to file a complaint which I did.

I met a nice guy through work who previously worked for Gillece right out of college. He confirmed to me their tactics. They trained those tech's rigorously on 'selling'. Despicable...

There are so many compaints, it's a shame that a consumer protection agency doesn't shut them down.

Short of a class action lawsuit, spread the word to others of your experienece. I was embarrassed at first but I felt better once I knew others wouldn't fall into the same trap. If I so much as hear about a leaky faucet, I speak up.

I believe you have 3 days to cancel a contract.

If you see their truck in your neighborhood - speak up to your neighbor.They will forever thank you.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #596905

If only the same action would happen to Mr.Rooter as well that would save other consumers from getting taken advantage of in the same exact way and help all the victims see SOME restitution!

I hope they recover punitive damages for Gillece victims and pay them out across all those who have reported.

These companies need to be held accountable for unethical business practices.I have to say, though, the complaints on Gillece is staggering!

Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, United States #592449

It's about time! I talked to her almost 2 years ago, waiting on my call from her. I hope they're forced to shut down.


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