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Obviously, Gillece employees have no idea how to make minor repairs on a furnace so they try and tell you there are a multitude of problems with yours and try to sell you a new one. First of all, I called at 8:00 am and they never showed up until 7:00 pm, then when they got there they tried to tell me my 7 year old furnace needed replaced because the prior company cut corners and did everything wrong.

Two hours later, after they did absolutely nothing I told them to leave. Called Restano the next day, for a second opinion, they were there within an hour and had the problem fixed within 30 min. The only problem was a dirty sensor and I needed a new filter. So what would have cost me thousands of dollars with Gillece only cost me $115 with Restano.

Gillece is the worst company I have ever dealt with. After talking to several people at work, they all say the same.

Worst company ever.

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Lexington Park, Maryland, United States #600774

I am getting more convinced they have no idea how to repair anything. They just take things apart and put them back and say you need a new X.

Really, your furnace has been fine for 7 years but suddenly it breaks because they installed it wrong 7 years ago. How does that make any sense?

Columbus, Ohio, United States #600069

It is not that their guys won't make minor repairs its that their job and pay are based on revenue they bring in gillece jr trains them daily in how to sell even those he has never even sold A thing in his life look gillece is a scam its not a repair company and the whole ginmick is to find the few peopke who dobt kniw better and cash in.

to tg New York City, New York, United States #666429

True, service people who went to school to learn repair of heaters and air conditioners are forced into videotaped classes weekly or more on how to sell! Everyone including the secretary that answers phone gets kickback from sales.

Markup on parts is 1000% (no joke). Too many chiefs and not enough indians in that place.

Overhead is out of this world. They are a sales machine.


lets see-my co- $58 for diagnostic/service call fee, clean flame sensor/service furnace-$58,happy customer..

thats from an honest tech and company

to *** men #605374

You must be a member of thier family

Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #599351

they are told NOT to repair furnaces if older-if they do their prices are OUTRAGEOUS... but they will sell you a way overpriced replacement

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