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Gillece thanks you for your comments. We want you to have an outstanding experience and will do what it takes to continue to improve in the future.

Our company was built on trust, ambition and compassion and we have been proud to serve Pittsburgh homeowners the past 30 years!

We want your experience with us to be stress-free which is why we offer up-front, no-hassle prices and friendly financing options.In order to have your issue listened to first hand and be provided with timely, quality service, please contact the #1 ranked in the industry customer service team at 412-831-6199.

Had a sewer line clog, Gillece came to service the line but was unsuccessful. Told me I probably have a broken line or tree roots through the pipe and will need replaced.

Bought insurance to cover the cost of the line through my water company and waited almost a year to file a claim. The water company sent out a plumber this week but told him to stop service due to having a pre-existing problem. Canceled my insurance that day, called the recommened company the plumber informed me about, that company fixed the issue in 30 minutes, no need to replace the line.

Gillece are liars looking for money! Totally wrong and caused much stress and money!!!!!

Reason of review: Not as described.

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