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Called Gillece for their $99 drain cleaning special. The drain for our laundry/kitchen sink/dishwasher was backing up into the basement.

Gillece came out the next day. The first guy there said he couldn't do too much since he was in an accident last week so his coworker would be by in 15 mins and they would work on it together. They both did a lot of walking around. Said they tried to snake it but the snake couldn't get past whatever was down there. Suddenly a 3rd car pulled up to help with this clog. Then they told me they put the camera down there and that our pipe had collapsed. Right away they started taking out their equipment to get started fixing it. I asked them how much and they said well if we just have to fix the collapsed pipe it will be $6200!!!!! If we find that this drain connects to the storm drain system we will have to connect it to the sanitary sewer and that will cost $13,000. Are you kidding me. $13,000.

We told them to hit the road. Called another plumber and the next day they were able to clear the "collapsed" drain to the tune of $200. Looks like we dodged a bullet. Beware this company, they are all scam artists dressed as plumbers.

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glad you didnt fall for their lies..guess the GILLES CLOG CRUSHER failed and they must have brought the wallet buster..



The drain cleaning guys aren't even legitimate plumbers most of the time and aren't paid an hourly wage, they only get paid on commission - meaning the only way they see a paycheck is if they successfully rip you off and convince you that you need this unnecessary, ridiculously priced job. I'm glad you were smart enough to see through it and called somebody else.

Unfortunately some aren't as lucky and fall for the scam because as I'm sure you noticed, they tend to use hard sale tactics and sometimes scare tactics. I bet they told you something along the lines of "we have a crew in your neighborhood right now and can get started right away blah blah blah..." That's one of their infamous sales lines

to Scammers #635504

Be sure to tell everyone you can about this rip off scam company. The more people who are aware of them and their seedy sales practices, the less chance they have of claiming another victim.

Remember, if it doesn't sound right be sure to get a second opinion like this original poster did! Never ever EVER sign on the dotted line when Gillece comes to your home to "repair" a problem because its very likely that "problem" either doesn't exist or is at least 3x as much as it should be!

to Scammers Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #648567

How long until gillece sues the poster and everyone commenting on here?

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