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GILLECE PLUMBING, They advertised to unclog any drain $99.00. They come in, wiggle a snake around for a minute, then say they need to send their "Manager".

The manager comes out, takes a 2 minute look, says we have a "broken pipe/clog, huh! Says it will cost $9,000.00. He did not itimize the estimate. He also did not even try to unclog the drain.

I have had plumbers in the past, they worked really hard, getting down and dirty to unclog the drain, this guy did nothing. One of the first things he did when he came in, before even seeing the problem, started asking if I had a credit card and how much I had in my checking. This is not the way other plumbers acted in the past, this guy was more interested in my finances than my drain. It was the old bait and switch used on me, they are *** men.

don't use Gillece Plumbing, ever. They will really take you for a ride.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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holy ***! what happened to you, pretty much happened to me and my girlfriend on the 20th.

their "supervisor" came in our house, said $11,000 for roots in our sewer line, and laughed at me when i said i needed more estimates. then he wouldnt leave. then his boss called said they had a crew in the area and could start that night and could save me $2,000.

needless to say i went with a local guy who snaked the natural occuring roots in a sewer line and cleaned my basement floor all for........ $285.00.

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