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Thank you so much for your feedback. We appreciate comments as they allow us to learn and continue to grow as a company in the future. We have been serving Pittsburghers for the past 30 years! Gillece is proud of the fact that our company was built on ambition, trust and compassion. All of our employees undergo drug tests and background checks so you can be comfortable with who you are letting into your home. In order to have your issue listened to first hand and be provided with timely, quality service, we want you to contact the Gillece Customer Service team which was ranked #1 in the industry. Call us at 412-831-6199.

A women named Sue, the from Consumer Protection, gave us the direct line for Jennifer Kelly. She is working on the Gillece investigation in the Allegheny area. Her direct phone number is 412-565-7653. She contacted us after we sent a lengthy detailed letter explaining our situation. I suggest you do the same. Send a detail letter of what happened to the following address:

Pittsburgh Regional Office:

Office of Attorney General

Bureau of Consumer Protection

564 Forbes Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

(412) 565-5135

Make sure the letter is formal. If you happen to go to court, they might want to make an appearance so let them know.

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Jennifer Kelly, where are you?

Is response to post below. Good luck in court brother. I too went to civil count in Coraopolis against Gillece and it was a bad experience. I ended up not having to pay what I would have, but my court experience was nothing like Judge Judy as I was hoping for. It turned into just arguing the the judge doing nothing to help find any truth. But good luck brother. We need to take them to court every time.

I am the original poster of this and I am sorry to say the Attorney Generals office seems to do nothing. I can only hope future posters keep pestering Jennifer Kelly and the AG office to the point where they hopefully jsut want people to shut up and therefor do something.

I have posted a negative review on Angieslist, every google results, yelp, yahoo, here there and everywhere else. Thats my only recourse. We need to facebook Jennifer Kelly.

bob lee gillece and it's terro

I read the comment from "WE'RE ALL SCREWED" here's the thing!Gillece is huge!!

and they pay alot of taxes to the city!

don't you know that it's all about money for the polititions, Gillece is to big to fail, they charge so much because Who do you think is paying for all of the bill boards you see every where???i myself will be in court on July 19 in Charloroi pa, call the magistrates office at 724-483-6373, come and support me and the cause to fight them and their abusive tactics, i contacted channel 4 news a week ago about my personal case, they have not responded!!!!Robert Lee

We're all screwed

Jennifer Kelly, the AG and the BBB aren't going to do a thing!The person below me is right it's been well over 2 years now, how long does it take to get an investigation going?

Nothing will ever happen and Gillece will continue their unethical ways and will continue to rip off and prey upon people. The only way they're going down is if "WE" all take steps to bring them to their knees. We need to do everything we can to get the word out about Gillece by not just posting on complaint websites but by going to the news and the media and making them run more stories on Gillece and their scamming ways. We need to protest outside of their building and hand out material to passerbys in cars.

We need to start a petition to demand action from the Government. Lets be serious about this we need to stop sitting back expecting the AG to take care of this for us. We all know whose side their on now and it's not ours! If Gillece ripped you off or ripped off someone you know you should be mad as h*ll like I am and I can't do this alone people I need you all to be with me we need to team up.

File a class action lawsuit, we can't let these scumbags win and keep winning. They have destroyed lives and robbed people blind, scammed elderly and vulnerable people, used scare tactics to sell unneeded and overpriced services.

Show this company that Pittsburgh will not sit back and continue to let them do this to our great city and hardworking people.Their actions are...

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Been well over 2 years now....Jennifer Kelly has done nothing!! always protects or turns a blind eye to unethical business that screw the regular guy!


If I was were to press forward with a class action law suit, I will do it quickly. Just a word to the wise.


Sent an email to these people:

Maybe we should all go in on a class action...they specialize in consumer law.


We are all hoping the AG's office can do that. Someone legally needs to do something about these tactics these people use.


The AG has the power to shut a business down, right?


Also, when sending a detailed letter.Try to send a copy of your Gillece contract.

The more details the better.

It is the right number, at least at time of posting.Remember, the more dots they connect the better the chance they come down on Gillece.


Great! I hope that these people go to jail. That's where they belong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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